Multi-disciplinary Team

Training and Experience at Work

Professional Experience

CMA's team approach means that whatever questions or problems you bring will be considered from multiple perspectives. You may work with one care manager, but you'll get the ideas and experiences of the team. We are nurses, social workers. We meet weekly as a team and bring our various training, background, and experiences to the table.

You know your circumstances; we know the options. We know, too, that the decisions you make affect the whole family or caregiving system and our consultations take that into consideration.

Personal Experience

Each of us has personal experience with providing care for aging parents or an ill or disabled family member. We know the joys but also the frustrations of working within the complex and fragmented medical and insurance systems. 

We know first hand what our families are facing and we can help.

Flexibility and Choice

As Much or as Little as You Need

Some families just want a brief consultation, an hour or two on the phone or in person to hear our thoughts and experiences in a focused discussion of their circumstances. Others want a deeper assessment with multiple options explored. Some families want us to help implement and oversee a plan of care once decisions have been made or need help communicating the plan to the family member whose care is being arranged. 

Other families want us to stay involved for advocacy and oversight after the plans are implemented to be sure that the quality of the care is first rate. In many situations, our involvement decreases after the initial problem/crisis is stabilized. We can be reactivated with a phone call as circumstances change.

You decide what's right for you.

Simplifying Complexity

Communication and Connections

Good communication is necessary for good care especially given the complexity of our medical system and the geographic spread of modern families. It takes consistent effort. We promote more cohesive communication with the health care community by being in touch with physicians, other healthcare providers, home care companies, or facility staff. Our connections put us in a position to be strong advocates for the best care.

Providing Information

We enable families to make decisions based on solid information. By sending an email report to the entire family and team members following a visit with the client, a doctor's appointment, or an interaction with facility staff or home care company, everyone has all the information simultaneously from the professional care manager. At other times it's important for us to stay connected by phone. We are mobile and accessible.

Access to Time-Tested Professionals

We have developed solid relationships for those times that you have needs that require the involvement of other professional services. We can help you get started with anything from home accessibility remodeling to finding an attorney.